After years of changes, after months of thoughts, after a long time of inner struggle, I am here!

With all my enthusiasm, all my experiences so far, all my desire to explore, all my heart to share and above all with my vision for the world : A miraculous world where we, humans, serve and enjoy life as we are created to do, in harmony with our inside and our outside!

It has been a long way and yet I feel I am just beginning...

Some years ago, a great loss shook my whole mindset and left me wondering whether I was living the life I really wanted. My life at that time was full of blessings: partnership, work, friends, travelling, all seemed dreamlike. But the loss showed me something revealing, as my tecnhical background translated it: In my equation for plenitude, there was a factor missing. And this factor was my soul... I had built and organized a beautiful life, but only as I had learnt that it was supposed to be. I didn't know that without checking what my soul desires, there would always be a part inside of me craving for attention. And back then, my truth was that I everything I had was for me the basis to start exploring deeper. Exploring myself, exploring the world, exploring the miracle of the whole creation. I also realized that, almost ironically, together with my huge need for recognition, I had a great inner part that didn't give a damn about what people said. So there was no way back...

Today, my life is still dreamlike - to me at least! Partnership, work, friends, travelling fill up my heart with gratitude and joy. And yes, all of them have radically changed. Through ups and downs, through  pain, sorrow, dissapointment and anger but also through relief, love, happiness and serenity, through Life itself that continues to unfold and surprise me with its magic every single day. 

Have you ever pause for a moment, take a deep breath and feel how joyous our existance can be? Having touched, even at a tiny edge, this joy, I invite anyone who shares the desire to explore to connect! There are so many experience to exchange, ideas to evolve, feelings to embrace!

Let's start!

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