Breath:… Inhale…Exhale…And again…

Every breath and a reminder: that I am alive, I am whole, I am me and this is my life.

Every breath and a choice: to taste my life to the marrow or to compromise with less than this birth right of mine. 

Every breath and a return to the present: to here and now. Away from anything that marked me yesterday and from any scenario may happen tomorrow.

Every breath and a chance: to explore its depth, to experiment with its flow, to learn from its wisdom and to be filled up by its plenitude.

Every breath and a communication: between my inside and my outside, between myself and my environment, between each cell of mine and the whole.

Every breath and a connection: with the source of my being, with my primordial substance: with Love.

Every breath and a moment of Joy: Joy that I am here and I breathe!

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