There are some moments, big or small, few or many, in every age, in every period, in every human, near or far, moments full of Joy, spontaneous joy, unspeakable joy.

Joy sometimes calm and internal and sometimes like a volcano that ravages everything:


The touch of the cool seawater on a warm august morning.

The smell of a valley full of flowers in spring.

The singing of a nightingale during a walk at the countryside.

The bite of your favorite dish after a tiring day.

The feast of colors at the tree leaves in autumn.

A soft blanket in front of the fireplace while the snowflakes dance outside.

The sassy yap of the puppy that wants to play.

The expression of the child face when he opens his present.

The explosion of the athlete when he first sees his new record on the screen wall.

The party with your team after the successful finish of your journey.

The applause at the presentation of the project that you prepared for so long.

The hug of your favorite person who just came back from a long trip.

The first time that you saw your baby…

A “thank you”…

A “bravo!”...

An “I believe in you”…

An “I love you”…


Moments, big or small, few or many…

Moments that the soul rejoices, the body feels happy, the heart opens…

With one start, one common point, one way to experience:

To be here and to breathe…!

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