It's a magical feeling to see trees full of flowers with colours in all shades of white and pink, to hear small birds singing with the first sun rays and to smell wildflowers defying the cold March bursts.

It's also magical to feel that, together with nature, our inner self is also awakening. After a winter full of rearrangements, reversals, readjustments, both individually and collectively, something is moving. Even though the clear-outs are not finished yet, even though the path seems long, the soul knows that she left a huge burden behind, said goodbye to past patterns and in her own way claimed something more from what fulfills her.

Deep inhale... Yes, we are still here, yes, this winter is over and yes, we are more  experienced in front of the new spring calling.

Free exhale... Yes, some space is freed in the heart, some things are put in order, some ideas emerged timidly.

Deep inhale... concentration of power, realization of the new capabilities, beginning of creation.

Free exhale...feeling of safety in the uncertainty, feeling of unity inside the whole, feeling of flow in life.

Life is moving on, our breath is going on and spring is showing us the way: Who wants to blossom?

Deep breath... Let's go!

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