Summer. July. Monday.

Beginning of the month, beginning of the week, beginning of the rest of our lives.

In a month of eclipses, month of elections, month of choices.

For one more time during the last years, life brings us face to face with the way we live, with what we have built and what we carry on our shoulders. Do we live the life we want? Are we satisfied with what we have built? Or do we carry, consciously or unconsciously, responsibilities and expectations of others, restricting beliefs, inappropriate for us behaviors? 

Each one of us has gone through his own labyrinthine paths, has confronted his own storms and based on his own scale, has made his choices in every step.

No matter where we are now, though, we all have a divine gift, our breath. So simple that we ignore it, so powerful that gives life – literally and metaphorically. So simple that if we sit for some moments, just us and our breath, nothing more, only inhale and exhale, the body starts to relax, the mind starts to clear, the heart calms down, the whole organism finds the chance to “breathe”. So powerful that if we use it consciously, we gain access to human abilities way beyond the understanding of the mind – revitalization and clarity are just the beginning.

We are blessed to live in a place and in an era that offer us plenty of ways to take advantage of our breath and also the freedom to explore them. Through physical exercise, through meditation, through energetic practices, through healing modalities, each one has the possibility to choose how to increase the consciousness of his breath and therefore of his life. Because breath was, is and will always be inherent to Life. Not the life of others, but our life, the life we dream of, the life we want to live and the legacy we want to pass to the next generations.

Enough with the shallow breathing – the half, incomplete, restricted, unconscious breathing – the half, incomplete, restricted, unconscious life. Nobody will ever breathe for us, nobody can choose to fill us up with air, energy, vitality, if we do not want to. Nothing and nobody will relax us, if we ourselves do not give up the control of our exhale, if we do not allow ourselves to exhale freely. And nothing and nobody can relieve us from the feeling of emptiness and loneliness, if we do not choose to trust from our hearts the power of our breath and to surrender to its flow.

Beginning of the month, beginning of the week, beginning of the rest of our lives.

Whatever we did till yesterday, life is here, our breath is happening here and the choice is ours. Let’s choose to breathe!

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