I woke up in the morning and took a deep breath. Blessing...

To be alive, to start a new day, to have the whole world to discover..

I woke up and saw the sun rays entering playfully through the balcony door. I heard some birds chatting, some cars passing by, the neighbor preparing something in the kitchen. I smelled my home, this familiar scent of safety, and I remembered the cherry tomatoes of my sister’s garden that I was eating yesterday, small balls – delicious explosions. I turned and hugged my husband, I felt the softness of his skin, I was overflowed with love. Blessing..

To have all my senses here, transferring constantly information to me, inviting me to find new stimuli.

I woke up and felt my legs, I thanked them for all the times they carried me forward, no matter how tired they were. I felt my torso and thanked him for all the times he supports me, staying steadfast in all storms, for all my organs which cooperate with unbelievable mastery so that I am every day in the best possible shape. I felt my hands and thanked them for everything they have offered to me and to life, for their strength to hold all that I load them up, for their ability to create small and big miracles. I felt my brain continuing tirelessly the data processing and thanked it for the analysis, the organization, the imagination, the feeling, the immeasurable combinations and capabilities. I felt my heart beating and thanked her for holding on, for daring to go on even when she is hurt and for some priceless moments that she is overwhelmed with happiness. I felt my sixth sense reminding me that I am connected with everything, that I am never alone, that I am part of the Creation, even when I totally forget it. Blessing..

To be here and now, whole, full, ready for the next step.

I woke up and realized how many blessings were hidden behind my first thoughts. Breath, sun, home, family, food, partnership, safety, love. Body, mind, heart, spirit. Consciousness, gratitude, creation, evolution, Life.

And like this, blessed, I stood up to go share my blessings with the world!

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