Spring 2020. A spring different from the others.

It was a moment in this spring that people stopped breathing. The mind was bemused as to which scenario to accept, which need to cover, how to react to the pieces of its reality that thundered their presence. The so concentrated, organized, overfull everyday life collapsed leaving us astounded in front of what we, ourselves, had chosen to compose it. And the voice of the planet, like an awakening volcano started rising, shaking, unfolding, demanding space of expression, balance, flow.

The next breath was inevitable. Because life and breath never stop. Because while we stayed at home, cut off from jobs, socializing, routine, life outside continued undeterred.  The earth breathed, sprouted, blossomed. Neighborhoods filled up with flowers, first time they seemed to me so many, so beautiful, so fragrant. The silence of the streets gave the floor to the birds, how did so many melodies end up in the city? Rain and air cleaned up, purified the atmosphere and an immense, cloudless sky settled over the houses.

And some people realized that also inside, inside the houses, inside the hearts, even inside the hospitals, life continued too. With ups and downs, with turbulences, with clear-outs, with deaths and with births. The hearthstone, the place of every person revealed its needs and the truth was sometimes relentless. Family, work, friends, habits, emotions changed hierarchy, experimented in new positions, cycles closed, cycles opened. And in all this, we were together, young-old, rich-poor, cells of the same body, maybe first time that we were aware of how many unite us...

Life continued to move on, to evolve. Waiting from us to choose it, to get into its flow, to respect its harmony and to learn from its wisdom. Not under terms, under prerequisites, adjusted to the boxes of our minds, but whole, from the tiniest to its most sublime expression. Leaving at last our chest to fill up from our inhale, without holding back, without hiding what it feels and what it wants, and to exhale freely, effortlessly, without resistance. And again, breath by breath, step by step. Starting from wherever we are, taking courage from the inextinguishable spark of life inside us, discovering our own, authentic melody in the orchestra of the creation.

Spring 2020. The spring that is different from the others. The spring of the beginning of the changes.

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