It was the end of August 2019 when, after a very "educational" summer, I was organizing the activities of the upcoming school year with many dreams and appetite. For some strange reason my planning was going on until the following February but I thought life would show me what would be useful to do next.

In no way had I envisioned the avalanche of changes that would start, at least in Greece, in March 2020. In no way had I imagined the three years that would follow and how much more "educational" it would be, not only for me but for the whole planet. And in no way did I foresee how much it would affect our breath, the space we take up, the definition we give to freedom. 

In the three years that followed, the source of breath, the chest area, the lungs along with our own heart went through the greatest trials. Pain, sickness, loneliness touched everyone. Since we spent significantly more time at home due to the circumstances, the relationships with the people we had chosen to share our lives with revealed their true potential and changed accordingly. The changes in working conditions and the reduction of outlets from the daily routine were a solid challenge to our flexibility and adaptability, our patience and mood. The real needs of the heart came to the surface and were much simpler than the complex plans of the past. How important it is to be able to breathe freely might not otherwise have become so apparent...

Three years later, at the end of August 2022, I am grateful to life for the "education" it has provided me during this time, I have gathered several new experiences and I am once again organizing the new school year with many dreams and appetite. Breath, heart, sharing, vision for a better world remain my pillars. With them have been added greater respect for personal needs and priorities, more tolerance and softness, and a strengthened faith that life will continue to show us in the clearest way what is functional to keep and what is functional to change. 

Happy September!

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