Life is beautiful!

Apart from the well known movie, it is also my core belief since I remember myself…

Either easy or difficult, either frenetic or calm, either with company or without, life is beautiful. It is beautiful because it flows, because it changes, because it is unpredictable, because it surpasses my wildest dreams, because it invites me, and challenges me at the same time, to taste the present moment. How can I enjoy this moment, though?

The answer exists since man was created: With the Breath.

Neither the half, short breath that leaves my lungs longing for more. Nor the suppressed, trapped in a part of my body breath that doesn’t dare to take its space. But with the breath that nourishes and revitalizes my body, the breath that uplifts my spirit, the breath that, by nature, I can use at will. By breathing consciously I explore my capabilities, my lived experiences and my desires, coming closer to my authentic self and to the Joy of my being.

Today, I invite and challenge you, in turn, to discover the power of the breath and to surrender in the joy of every instant of your life, with simple means and tools, in an environment of love, support and sincere communication.

It will be my pleasure to meet!

Olyanna Tiligada

Breath ’n’ Joy Coordinator


Breath ’n’ Joy offers high quality, well-being services based on the conscious breathing, through private sessions, couples sessions and small groups work.



Breath ’n’ Joy presents workshops and seminars aiming to increase the breath awareness and offer simple tools to enhance the well-being, the joy and the inner balance in everyday life.

It is based in Thessaloniki, Greece and travels wherever there is interest for the breath and the holistic health of people. It is also open to collaboration with individuals and groups that share the same vision for life and Man.

If you are interested in bringing Breath ’n’ Joy to your place, do not hesitate to contact!



Passionate supporter of the unlimited potential of humans, Olyanna is involved for over a decade in the holistic approach of life and the exploration of means that enhance harmony and enjoyment of everyday life.

Since childhood she has participated in various activities, collecting information and tools that she integrates in her services. She has been swimming champion and national records holder, active electrical engineer for almost two decades and has also studied Business Administration and Human Resources Management. Since 2008 she has participated in multiple educational and experiential programs, oriented towards the evolution of man: Rebirthing Breathwork, Holistic Medicine, Meditation and Energetic Practices, Yoga, Reiki, Network Spinal Analysis & Somato-Respiratory Integration, Drama-therapy, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Dance etc., and since 2015 she presents and participates in the organization of corresponding mentality seminars.


In the greatest part of her path during the last years, she has fellow traveller her husband Konstantinos, with whom she shares the passion for Life and Exploration. Together they travel, learn, discover and communicate their vision for harmonious cohabitation of the whole creation.

Rebirthing Breathwork won them by its simplicity and direct effectiveness, impelling them to become both certified Rebirthing Practitioners from Rebirthing Breathwork International (RBI). From 2013 they are also together involved systematically with meditation and energetic practices, participating in corresponding seminars and collective actions in Greece and abroad. Their collaboration in Rebirthing promotes the complementarity and the harmony of yin-yang and enhances the supporting environment and the energetic balancing of the sessions.



Thoughts...  feelings... dreams...!


Exploring freedom

When I was a little girl, freedom meant for me a day full of play. Play until collapsing, like the time that my parents found me sleeping face down, on the floor, in the middle of the room.
Little older and freedom gained a time frame…


For Joy

There are some moments, big or small, few or many, in every age, in every period, in every human, near or far, moments full of Joy, spontaneous joy, unspeakable joy.
Joy sometimes calm and internal and sometimes like a volcano that ravages everything…


For Breath

Breath:… Inhale…Exhale…And again…
Every breath and a reminder: that I am alive, I am whole, I am me and this is my life.
Every breath and a choice…

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