Rebirthing Breathwork


With the term Breathwork is described every way of conscious breathing, used in body exercise, meditation, self awareness and personal development methods.

Rebirthing Breathwork is a safe for everybody, conscious breathing technique, discovered from Leonard Orr in the sixties and developed to its present form through decades of experiment and research, both from him and from all people inspired from his work and the miraculous attributes of the breath.

In its simplest form, the person lies down on his back and breathes freely from the nose, without pauses between the inhale and the exhale. This circular breathing activates the cellular memory, bringing the person in contact with stored experiences, beliefs and emotions and helping the release of blockages in corporal, psychic and mental level. The whole procedure exceeds the control of the mind, since it is based on the supreme wisdom of the breath, which continues tirelessly its work, whether we realize it or not, throughout all our life.

The presence of the specialized Rebirther offers the safety and support frame, so that the person can approach the deeper layers of his being and experience the gift of breath to its greatest extend.

For persons with previous experience in Rebirthing Breathwork and always in respect of their desires and needs, there are used different variations of the basic technique, such as hot / cold water session, outdoor session etc.