Alone, with your partner or in small groups, choose your preferable style of work and enjoy!


General information

Breath ‘n’ Joy offers private sessions, couple sessions and small groups (3—4 persons) sessions, in person at its space and online, in greek or in english and in three different types:

Exploration (60')  -  Empowerment (100')  -  Expansion (150')

Before every collaboration, an introductory meeting is scheduled for needs exploration, way of work explanation and proposed session program configuration.

The cornerstone of the sessions is the individual's will for self-care and increasing his/her awareness of his/her breathing, life and potential. A a variety of tools are offered to this end, such as breathing exercises, visualization and meditation techniques, rebirthing breathwork, energy cleansing and balancing methods, elements of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), life coaching, etc. The combination used is adapted to the unique and particular personality of each individual with respect to their personal rhythm of learning and development and their current needs and desires.

The sessions are completely safe for all age and physical condition groups (like pregnant women, elderly people, persons with chronic diseases etc.) and do not require previous experience.

Exploration (60')

Hourly session with breath awareness exercises, guided visualization, relaxation and rejuvenation techniques. 

It is the recommended type for the first session for anyone interested. It is an ideal type of session for people who want a steady discharge and strengthening of their body, when done at a frequency of one session per week over a long period of time.

In person


Empowerment (100')

A longer session that allows for more extensive meditation and breathing techniques and provides the opportunity for a full Rebirthing breathwork session.  

Note : Online Rebirthing is offered to people who have done at least 3 sessions of Breath 'n' Joy in order to get familiar with breathwork, due to the absence of the physical presence of the Rebirther.

In person


Expansion (150')

This two and a half hour session is offered for people who want to deepen their understanding of the breath and their inner work. Several of the techniques used require appropriate space configuration, so this session is offered only in person. 

Ideal session type for small groups who want to combine Rebirthing breathwork with other self-improvement tools.

In person


Couples Sessions

For couples really interested in improving their relationship and revealing its full potential, there are offered couples sessions.

The sessions have particular emphasis in the harmonization of the two persons and the improvement of their communication in all levels. Special techniques and exercises based on conscious breathing improve the recognition of one towards the other, liberate the expression of the truth of each person with love and understanding and enhance the observation of the impact that the relationship has on our body, on our actions and on our way of thinking.

A wonderful experience which will transform your relationship through the magic of the breath and will give a new boost to the joy and the pleasure you experience as a couple!


Sessions for 3-4 persons

For those who prefer teamwork, sessions of 3-4 persons are proposed.

With friends or known people (or even with strangers for the bold ones!) who share the desire of self-awareness and spiritual evolution, there are formed small groups which work on a consistent basis, according to the agreed program. Through Rebirthing Breathwork as well as other tools and exercises, there is enhancement of the sharing of experiences, the support, the compassion, the sincere expression in front of others and the recognition of the diversity of each person.

A unique chance for deeper human relationships, friendships that honor the Human being and heart to heart exchange of experiences!