The way we breathe is scientifically proven to effect directly our whole body and mind function. Stress levels, anxiety, breathing disorders (eg asthma etc), digestion, metabolism, endorphins production as well as the body’s ability to recover from fatigue or illness are only some of the factors which can be regulated and balanced through proper breathing education.

Take advantage of the kind of Breath ’n’ Joy services that matches your preferences and enjoy the benefits:

• relaxation and well-being

• increase of breath awareness

• utilization of all the breathing mechanism

• cellular detoxification and revitalization

• realization and treatment of psycho-somatic symptoms which disturb our daily life

• use of the inherent healing ability of humans

• realization and release of restrictive beliefs and behaviors

• learning of personal development tools

• adoption of positive thinking

• activation towards the desired life path

• recognition and acceptance of the uniqueness of every person

• increase of trust in ourselves and in life in general

• improvement of interpersonal relationships

• exploration of the hidden charismas of the person

• expansion of the perception of the reality

• internal serenity, plenitude, wholeness

• joy and enjoyment of every moment


and many more gifts of your breath, waiting to be discovered!